February 28th, 2012

Revised Training Manual for Engine Seafarers Published

A new on board training book for engine ratings has been launched by the ISF which took into account the 2010 amendments to the IMO STCW Convention.

The new training book for engine ratings came into force in last month and for the first time makes it mandatory for trainee engine ratings to provide evidence of structured on board training. The said update is the second change in a series of newly updated training record books which followed the revised ‘On Board Training Record Book for Deck Ratings’.

The revision includes structured in board training tasks formulated around the competence standards stipulated by STCW 2010 as well as those adopted by the IMO for the new grade of ‘Able Seafarer Engine’.

“The competence of marine engineers, whether ratings or officers, is critical to safety and environmental protection. The updated ISF Book enables trainees and their companies to monitor, record and evaluate their on board training in a structured manner in accordance with the new STCW Convention requirements,” explains ISF Secretary General Peter Hinchchilffe.