September 27th, 2011

Restriction of Filipino Seafarers through Brazilian ports lifted

Filipino seafarers are now clear to join and sign off vessels with their seaman’s book in Brazil as the country recently revoked its restriction on Pinoy seafarers passing through Brazilian ports.

Brazil’s withdrawal of the restriction comes as a good new not only to Filipinos seafarers but other international shipping vessels as well. Recently the country moved that seafarer’s that do not posses a Seaman’s book issued by a country that have a ratified ILO Convention no. 108 or 185 needed to have a Brazilian Visa to enter their ports.

Although at present time, the withdrawal of restriction is limited to Santos Port of Brazil, other ports in the country are expected to follow. 

However, the said leniency on transit seafarers was limited to Filipino seafarers only. Other seafarers from other nationalities that have not have a ratified convention or a Brazilian visa continues to be restricted from Brazilian ports.