August 24th, 2011

Filipino Seafaring Competency set to Improve

Manila, Philippines – The competency of the country’s maritime industry is set to improve as the Nautical Institute (NI) expands its accreditation services.

Model courses for leadership and management training was developed by the NI during its previous strategic plans. It continued to build on its international standard for training and certification of dynamic positioning operators as well as accrediting extensive network of international Dynamic Position training centres.

These subjects are now mandatory requirement s in the STCW Code after the 2010 Manila Amendments. But the question remains if the said subjects continue to result in competence in the modern era as members questioned the effectiveness of training, reduction of sea time and experience, assessment and use of simulation.

Currently, there is a popular perception that competency is deteriorating caused by rapid promotions of officers with the apparent shortage of qualified personnel.

Now, the NI is planning to expand its accreditation services to assure the Filipino seafarer’s competency is maintained. Spearheading this expansion is Regina Bindao as the new accreditation head as new plans are already in place.

 “I look forward to developing new areas of accreditation where there is industry demand, and we’ll be putting together an accreditation support team consisting of auditors and technical specialists drawn from the Institute’s membership and staff,.” said Bindao.

All aspects of the NI's current accreditation services covers  specialized training in dynamic positioning (DP), oil spill response, water ballast management, leadership, ECDIS and ship visitation which will also be assumed by Bindao..