May 23rd, 2011

Ship Management Industry in the Philippines Continues Global Dominance

Experts in the shipping industry believe that the Philippines will not only continue as the Manning Capital of the world but it will also become the center for the ship management business as well.

The Philippine’s ship management industry remain strong and continue to be a major contributor in the global shipping scene. Work ethics and the availability of manpower are among the top reasons why the country continues its dominance in the ship management industry.

While there are still a number of options in other countries, getting superintendents from those countries have become scarce and at times costly.

Among the other reasons for the country being a Manning Capital is the growth of ship management companies in the country over the years. Foreign employers have started establishing a separate shipping management departments within their respective partner companies. There has also been a surge in Filipino owned ship management businesses over the years.

Though this growth have currently resulted in a marginal scarcity in senior officers on board.  Ship management companies have started offering on masters on board for superintend posts which creates an opening on their previous position.

This occurrence then creates more demand officers on board which then pushes the companies to train more people.  This need for more superintendents lead to the first superintendent’s seminar in the Philippines. The seminar covered diverse which included overviews on responsibilities as well as others that superintendents need to be familiar with.

The said seminar will help boost in producing quality superintendents as well as developing the kind of shipping manpower available in the Philippines. Foreign shipping companies have maintained favorable views on acquiring Filipino crewmembers and officers for their skill and ability to adapt to situations as well as their ingenuity.