May 27th, 2020

COVID-19 Crew Repatriation and Departure Process Flows, Guidelines and Costs

The Philippine Government through the Department of Transportation (DOTr), Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), and Philippine Overseas and Employment Agency (POEA) have released crew repatriation and departure general process flows for all shipping and local manning agencies' (LMAs) guidance.

 CROSSWORLD GUIDELINES FOR CREW Arrival Repatriation Process May 27 2020


STEP 1: Coordination

1. Licensed Manning Agencies (LMAs) shall provide MARINA with copy to PCG, OWWA Repat and CAAP/PPA their respective list of incoming seafarers within 48 hours prior arrival, including their time and place of arrival and designated quarantine facilities.

2. The MARINA shall consolidate all the lists provided by the manning agencies and produce a Master List thereof.

3. The MARINA shall provide the PCG with the said Master List.

Overall Person Responsible (OPR): MARINA (lead), Local Manning Agency (LMA) 

STEP 2: RT-PCR (Swab) Test

1. All incoming overseas seafarers will be administered with RT-PCR test upon arrival at airport / seaport. Those seafarers who are already undergoing quarantine protocols at their respective quarantine facilities and/or hotels will also be subjected to RT-PCR tests.

2. PCG shall provide MARINA with a list of those who have already undergone RT-PCR test for initial distribution of said list to manning agencies and shipping companies for purposes of preparation for booking.

3. While waiting for the results of the RT-PCR tests, subject seafarers will be quarantined at DOH accredited facilities and/or hotels as designated.

4. Upon release of the results, only those who are found negative will be allowed to go home to their respective provinces.

5. LMAs LO shall provide hard copy of RT-PCR Negative Result to BOQ Director’s Office to fasttrack the issuance of the BOQ Certificate

OPR: Philippine Coast Guard (PCG)(lead), Philippine Red Cross, Department of Health (DOH), LMAs

STEP 3: Reservation and Booking

1. The seafarers who are waiting for RT-PCR and BOQ Certificate shall be allowed for booking and reservation of their respective manning agencies/ Principals at designated Accredited Quarantine Facilities with transportation arrangement:

Accommodation: Cost provided is per day with daily meals.

Transportation Arrangement: Arrangement is per trip at any location of the crew.

Cost for above are subject to change based on availability.

2. Repatriated Sea-based OFW may avail of 2GO’s Malasakit Voyage to all the major ports and destinations that are part of their routes including local inter-port links

3. As the lead agency for this program, OWWA shall have the right to validate/verify the list provided by LMAs to 2Go as to whether the seafarers are Repatriates.

4. Only passengers that has a BOQ Certificate indicating negative result from swab or RT-PCR test will be allowed to board.

5. OWWA shall be responsible in coordinating the arriving passengers to other stakeholders in the regions

OPR: Overseas Worker's Welfare Administration (OWWA) (lead), LMAs and Shipping Companies, PCG, MARINA, Local Government Units (LGU), Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG)

STEP 4: Transportation to Pier 4, Port Area, Manila

1. LMAs provide hardcopies of RT-PCR Negative Result and BOQ Certificate to seafarers.

2. Land transportation from hotels and/or quarantine facilities shall be arranged by the seafarer’s manning agency or shipping company.

3. Only those seafarers who are scheduled to depart on the immediate upcoming voyage are allowed to be transported to Pier 4.

Transportation Arrangement: Approximated cost is per trip at any location of the crew

Cost for above are subject to change based on availability

4. Seafarers (passengers) shall strictly be at Pier 4 Passenger Terminal four (4) hours before their scheduled time of departure for the protocols to be undergone before embarkation onboard the ship.

OPR: LMAs and Shipping Companies

STEP 5: Checking In

1. Seafarers shall be allowed to check-in at the check-in counters to enlist themselves as boarding passengers.

2. Seafarers shall provide hard copies of BOQ and RT –PCR Certificates at Pier 4 - 2GO Counter.

3. After checking-in, the seafarers shall immediately be allowed to proceed to the ship.

OPR: Shipping Company (lead), Port Terminal/ Shipping Company Personnel, DOTr Malasakit Help Desk Personnel

STEP 6: Boarding and Voyage

1. The ship shall be readily available for boarding upon arrival of the seafarers and completion of all screenings.

2. Unimpeded boarding procedures from the terminal proper to the ship shall be executed. Any form of delay that may expose the passengers to risks from the environment shall be prevented.

3. Passengers shall immediately be guided to their designated rooms or bunks.

4. Strict social distancing measures shall be observed during the boarding procedures.

5. Measures and protocols of the ship/ shipping company throughout the voyage shall likewise be observed.

OPR: Shipping Company (lead), Shipping Company Security Personnel, Crew Members, Port Police/ PCG, DOTr Malasakit Help Desk Personnel

STEP 7: Arrival at Port Destination

1. The PCG shall make all necessary coordination and arrangements with the concerned LGU/s for the arriving seafarers.

2. All disembarking passengers shall comply with the protocols set by the OCD, DILG, and/or LGU upon arrival at the port.

OWWA covering all expenses of the repatriated seafarers in their home provinces

1) Upon arrival of Seafarers at destination ports, they will immediately be transported to their respective Hotel or Accredited Quarantine Facilities

2) Undergo repeat RT-PCR sponsored by OWWA/Philhealth

3) While waiting for the RT-PCR Test, repatriated seafarers must keep themselves isolated for strict compliance of Quarantine Protocols for another 7 to 14 days.

4) Upon release of the results, only those who are found negative will be allowed to go home to their respective province.


STEP 8: Monitoring

1. MARINA shall conduct monitoring until the seafarers have returned to their respective homes.

OPR: MARINA (lead), DOTr Malasakit Help Desk Personnel



STEP 1: Identify the Joining Seafarers

1. Identify the seafarers who will be signing on vessels.

OPR: LMAs, Shipping Representative

Form Needed: Initial List of Seafarers

STEP 2: Conduct COVID-19 (RT-PCR) Testing

Conduct COVID-19 Testing (RT-PCR or Rapid Testing) of seafarers lined-up for crew change.

1. Rapid Testing must utilize FDA-approved test kits to be administered by trained health professionals; results should be interpreted only by DOH-licensed physicians.

2. Only those issued with a valid certification by a DOH-accredited physician (Rapid Testing) or BOQ Clearance (RT-PCR) shall be qualified to depart for crew change.

3. LMAs shall give appropriate briefing to their seafarers about COVID-19 and the various precautionary measures to be observed.

OPR: LMAs, Shipping Representative

Form Needed: Medical Clearance/Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) Clearance

STEP 3: Complete Required Seafarer Documents

Check completeness of the following seafarer documents to be presented at the immigration:

1. Letter from the Principal

2. Declaration signifying seafarer’s knowledge and understanding of risks involved

3. Employment Contract

4. Passport

5. Seafarer Identity Document and/or Seafarer Record Book

6. Seafarer Certificates (COPs, COCs and medical certificate)

7. Travel and Contact History (for the last 30 days)

8. Valid Medical Clearance/BOQ Clearance (depending on the COVID-19 test undertaken)

9. Other Pre-Departure Documents

OPR: LMAs, Shipping Representative

Form Needed: A/S

STEP 4: Arrange Land/Air Transport

Arrange for the land transport and/or commercial or chartered flights of seafarers.

1. Coordination between OWWA and LGU must be done to facilitate the travel of seafarers from their point of origin to the airport or seaport.

OPR: LMAs, Shipping Representative, OWWA, LGU

Form Needed: Travel Itinerary

Departure from Philippine Seaports and/or Airports

1. Comply with embarkation or departure protocols. (OPR: Seafarer)

2. Provide list of embarking/departing seafarers to CAAP or PPA.( OPR: LMAs)