May 20th, 2019

Golden Union Officer’s Seminar: Strengthening Competence of Seafarers

Philippines – The latest Golden Union Officer’s seminar was a resounding success as crewmembers and cadets participated in the three-day event held at the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy (PMMA) in Zambales from May 20-22.

The seminar themed: ‘Strengthening Seafarer’s Competence for Operational Excellence and Regular Compliance’ was also attended by several officials from Golden Union and Crossworld Marine Services, Inc.

Leading the seminar was Capt. George Gabriel, Director of Golden Union Shipping Co. who gave not only professional advice to crewmembers but wisdom from life as well.

“Your life, your career… You have been given the opportunity (to succeed), grab it and learn deeply,” said Gabriel to the PMMA cadets at the sidelines of the event.

“Learn, be patient, and make this industry your own,” emphasized the Golden Union Operations Director.

Other Golden Union officials who attended the seminar were Alexandros Gabriel, Zannis Veniamis, Capt. George Kouros, Stelios Theodoridis, and Capt. Tryfonas Bachas.

Also present were officials from Crossworld Marine Services, Inc. including the company’s Vice President Arnold Mendoza, Operations Director Capt. Rene Espinar, George Rousis, and other employees from the company.
“Stop dreaming, wake up & achieve your goals,” that’s what Crossworld’s Vice President Arnold Mendoza’s message to the PMMA cadets.

Part of the three-day event was talks from two guest speakers: Capt. Dilip D’Souza from AMSA Australian Maritime Safety Authority and Mr. Das Partha Pradip who flew in to the country from Singapore to attend the seminar.

Paradip’s discussion focused on the new fuels which ranged range from fuel procurement to combustion. He also detailed the upcoming compliance for sulfur cap for vessels that will be implemented next year.

The other guest speaker, Capt. D’Souza talked about port state control in Australia. He focused on the procedures and what are the do’s and don’ts when it comes inspections and avoiding any legal problems during the process.

Meanwhile, Capt. Bachas Tryfonas demonstrated a gas analyzer and tank which will soon be used in the vessels of Golden Union. This was done on Day 1 of the conference where crew themselves got to try the new device.

All officials, crewmembers and even those from the Philippine Merchant Maritime Academy had a chance to socialize after the seminar.

Also on May 20, the first day of the three-day seminar, coincided with the inauguration of the new PMMA President, Capt. Joel Abutal as members of the Golden Union team had the chance to meet him at exchange pleasantries.