June 5th, 2019

Ph Becomes First Country to use ‘block chain’ for Certification

The Philippines is the first country in the world to use blockchain technology for seafarers’ certifications via the Navozyme-Certificate Authentication Platform (N-CAP).a maritime blockchain innovator and the Maritime Industry Authority (Marina) recently signed an agreement to use blockchain technology to enhance the exchange of data and information between Marina and the stakeholders in the seafaring industry.

According to Patricia Fernandez, Philippines country lead for Navozyme, the collaboration between Marina and Navozyme aimed to eliminate the risk of fraudulent certificate issuance and streamline process flows creating greater safety, productivity and an enhanced reputation for the Philippines maritime industry.

“The blockchain enabled N-CAP platform enables real time exchange of certificate related information between Marina and maritime stakeholders like Seafarers, Maritime Training Institutions (MTIs) , Maritime Higher Education Institutions (MHEIs) and Manning Agencies,” Navozyme said.

In the Philippines, Navozyme has been working closely with a select group of pioneering maritime organizations, called the Pioneer Pilot Group (PPG), consists of Jebsen Ship Management (Abojeb Group), MAAP, the PTC Group and the Magsaysay Maritime Corporation.

Navozyme also pilots the use of its block chain enabled platforms in Singapore and Europe for use cases like Port Clearance and Vessel Registration along with leading maritime companies. The prestigious Nautical Institute, UK, has also chosen Navozyme as its exclusive knowledge partner to design, develop and deliver the world’s first “Blockchain for Maritime Decision makers” workshop style education program for senior maritime leaders.