June 28th, 2018

Crossworld Builds Santa’s Sleigh

Santa’s ‘sleigh’ is coming to the Philippines and it will be in the country for a while as well as Santa himself.

Crossworld Marine Services Inc. and Pacific Santa has teamed up to transform a Kia Grandbird into charity service on wheels which will be called Santa’s Sleigh.

Both Crosswolrd and Pacific Santa are known for its generous outreach programs or its gift giving services. Crossworld has been holding such programs under the Crossworld Charity Foundation , Inc., These include the ‘Hope Cross’ which aims to help the less fortunate who are stricken with cancer. The ‘Achieve Cross’ which gives out scholarships for poor but deserving students. And of course, The ‘Help Cross’, CCFI’s charity arm for calamity victims.

The company will now be using the ‘Sleigh’ for its current and future programs as it now try to ‘spread the cheer’ in more areas of the country.

"I am so excited to see the Bus or the "Santa Sleigh". I really wanteto see how many people can fit inside and how many cities it will visit. I’m excited to see the people's reaction when they see Santa in his new sleigh,” said Pacific Santas’ Kyle Navarro.

“It will be an effective way of reaching out to those in need as it will also uplift their spirits to see Santa in person who was there personally handing out their gifts,” added Navarro.

The excitement is already building on social media with many people expressing positive things about the partnership.

‘The greatest innovation done after Rudolph, the Red-nose Reindeer, because Santa can now travel now north to south of the Philippines to reach people in need. It will definitely bring joy and happiness everywhere it goes and will become a great tool in nation building,” expressed Nixon Salimbangon, marketing consultant of Pacific Santas.

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