June 26th, 2015

Crossworld on the 2015 Seafarers' Day - Cebu office

The Seafarers Day in Cebu was celebrated by all Visayanon heroes at Sea.


The Seafarers Day in Cebu was celebrated by all Visayanon heroes at Sea. Seafarers’ Day as annually celebrated worldwide in every 25th of June was also commemorated by Marina.  In partnership with the said Institution was an array of different agencies whom had shown their support and respect.  Nevertheless, Crossworld Marine Services, Inc. Cebu Branch did not miss one chance to show their enthusiasm as they marched their way in GSU Building (Venue) in full attendance and embraced the growing crowd of Seafarers that were overwhelmed with excitement.



Everyone had their opportunity to showcase their company as well as to share a humble token (collateral materials) that would represent each one’s behalf. BUT we were Proud to “STAND ABOVE THE CROWD”. One could never deny that we had the longest line of seafarers anxious and hoping to have their names listed on our invite’s sheet.

Then again the Day of the Seafarers is not only to showcase the beauty of every company but also to educate the public about issues facing the modern day seafarers-issues such as piracy and others. But most importantly it is the occasion for us and the world to say thanks to all seafarers. The Day of the Seafarer is also an opportunity showcase seafarers’ contribution to the economy that’s why this day is the day to say “Thank you Seafarers” and show to them how proud we are to have them.