March 19th, 2013

North P&I Club Launches Post-Repatriation Medical Scheme for Pinoy Seafarers

North P&I club announced the opening of a clinic in Manila to ensure Filipino crew members receive the most efficient and high quality treatment when they return home because of injury or illness at sea.

The new clinic is part of North P&I’s new scheme that also aims to help shipowners avoid accumulating medical bills they are not contractually responsible for.

'The benefits to repatriated seafarers are the timely provision of excellent health care and the completion of the necessary treatment as soon as possible allowing them to resume work at the earliest opportunity,' expressed Claims Executive Gary Clifton of North's personal injury team.

'For shipowners, the scheme will help to ensure the avoidance of unwarranted treatment, which in turn can result in inflated and unnecessary medical costs, expensive and time-wasting disputes in arbitration under the employment contracts. Unnecessary treatment and disputes also delay a seafarer's return to work, exacerbating crew shortages,’ added Clifton.

'By selecting and using the vetted and trusted clinics in the scheme, Members can be sure their seafarers will be promptly treated for their specific medical condition until it is either resolved or deemed a permanent disability. Appropriate costs and benefits can then be paid to the seafarer and clinic without the risk of delays or disputes,' concludes Clifton.