July 25th, 2011 Filipino Seafarers unfazed by possible EU ban

Manila, Philippines - The possibility of Filipino seafarers being banned by the European Union for not complying with certain maritime standards has not fazed the Filipino mariners said Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz.

June 30th, 2011 Metro Manila’s “Facelift” to increase Philippine’s Economic Potential

A “facelift” of urban renewal programs will soon be mushrooming in Manila with the aid of local mayors.

June 27th, 2011 Same Old Problems Plague Filipino Seafarers

Unpaid benefits, employment problems and the ongoing surge of piracy are the continuing concerns for the Filipinos seafarers as they voice it out during the first celebration of the Filipino Seafarers’ Day in Manila.

June 25th, 2011 Scholarship Programs to Maintain Steady Supply of Filipino Seafarers

To ensure a considerable supply of Filipino seafarers worldwide, the Philippine’s Overseas Workers and Welfare Administration (OWWA) announced the Seafarer’s Upgrading Program Training.

May 30th, 2011 Filipino seafarers can possibly face a ban on EU flagships

An unfavorable report from the European Commission on maritime training in the Philippines could possibly result in thousands of Filipino seafarers being banned from European Union flagships.

May 28th, 2011 Philippine Government to protect Shipbuilding and Motorcycle Industries in the country

The Philippine government has directed to protect the shipbuilding and motorcycle industries from foreign competition by way of tariff shield. This process would ensure the fully development of these two domestic industries where the country has competitive advantage.

May 27th, 2011 Crisis in Marine Engineering Licensing in the Philippines Continues

In the current crisis of the Marine Engineer Officers Association of the Philippines (MEOAP), a top official of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) said that industry leaders have stepped in to help in resolve the problem.

May 23rd, 2011 Ship Management Industry in the Philippines Continues Global Dominance

Experts in the shipping industry believe that the Philippines will not only continue as the Manning Capital of the world but it will also become the center for the ship management business as well.