Crew Management

We are a 360° crew management center

Crew management is concerned with end-to-end management of the crew, with the objectives of finding a minimum cost seafaring crews while maintaining optimum operational efficiency and safety.

We have proven expertise in providing crew management services to leading principals in the world. Leveraging our experience, we conduct strategic planning analysis helping principals to decide on the best crew solution for their needs.

Following the strategic planning we perform all crew-related functions including:

• Recruitment and selection
• Pool arrangements
• Training, education and safety-instruction courses
• Mustering
• Travel arrangements
• Provision
• Allotments, budgeting and accounts.

Our clients benefit from our web-based personnel administration system which allows them real-time access to all personnel data as well as digital copies of all relevant licenses and course diplomas. The system also facilitates detailed planning and statistical analysis thus providing them with the tools to make educated decisions regarding their crews.

If you want to find out how you and your business benefit from these services, all you have to do is contact us.