What we do

Established in 1991, Crossworld Marine Services Inc creates the environment for successful crew operation by building a Client Account Profile based on their specific needs catered by dedicated team.

Talent Pool Built up

  • Recruitment
  • Sourcing through our wide network
  • Screening and Assessment of candidates
    (Dedicated technical assessors from our retired pool of seafarers).
  • Hiring Selection

Workforce Management

  • Manpower Forecasting and Planning
  • Deployment and Placement
  • Retention Management
  • Talent Pool Management

Workforce Performance

  • Skills Competence Profiling
  • Continuous Performance Management Promotion
  • Career development Upgrading
  • Succession Planning working ashore

360° Services

  • Travel Arrangement
  • Accredited filling agent
  • P&I handling-
    -In House Personell
    -Affiliated Partners 
    (EPE Law Office / Eurasia Maritime Claims Management)
  • Medical Endorsement and Monitoring to our affiliated clinic